Haley Strategic Partners D3CRM Review

The D3CRM from Haley Strategic Partners

For those of you that have followed this blog and my YouTube channel, you know I’m a fan of micro chest rigs, especially modular ones. I’ve covered a variety of topics, from the rigs themselves, to adapting Esstac KYWIs, to setups.

Next up in the series is a review of the D3CRM. Now, for those of you complaining that the Spiritus rigs are hard to get, meet yet another contender. I missed two email drops before I got in on one about 2 months ago. But, now that I have one, I can give my impressions on it.

First, it’s a well put together rig, and it should serve you well. All three rigs I’ve reviewed seem like high-quality gear, so really, it’s the little things that will end up driving your decision. Some basic facts:

  • The rear pouch is loop-lined for modularity. Haley makes their own accessories, but it should also fit common accessories from Spiritus and it will accept the 8492 Nylon Works KYWI adapter.
  • The big front pouch is partially loop lined. The front panel is loop and the back panel has elastic loops. This sets it up as something of an admin pouch that you can customize a bit to your needs.
  • It has two side front pouches that can hold anything from pistol mags to flashlights or multitools.
Front admin pouch
8492 Nylon Works KYWI adapter installed

Having the admin pouch set up the way it is does make the D3CRM a little less modular than the Spiritus or even the RDR, but at the same time, if you’re looking for an admin pouch anyway, it makes more sense to get one that comes installed rather than having to buy the accessories to convert a Spiritus or RDR pocket into an admin pouch.

A big plus for the Haley – like the RDR, the main rear pouch is larger than the Spiritus. This means if you run AK or AR-10 mags, you can fit 3 of them in this pouch, which you can’t do with the Spiritus.

I only have two complaints about the setup, and they’re really kind of nitpick. First, I would have done things a little different with the admin pouch. I personally would have loop lined the entire pouch, and I would have made it so that it could completely unzip and lay flat. To be fair, it unzips 90% of the way, so it is still easy to access anything in it, but having it fold flat would have enabled putting a phone or map in the front and referencing it easily. At the same time, it would have also made it easier for things to fall out, so what they have is a decent compromise.

Second, I find the X-harness annoying and wish it came standard with an H-harness. The X-harness just seems to get twisted really easily when I’m putting it on.


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