RDR Gear Mission Specific Placard (MSP) Review

For those of you that have followed the blog for a while, you know I’m a fan of modular placards for several reasons:

  • They’re internally configurable for specific missions. You can change up what you carry internally (mags, radios, tools) quickly and easily.
  • They’re externally configurable for specific missions. You can use the same placard on your plate carrier that you can use as a chest rig over soft armor or without armor.
  • They’re compact and force you to prioritize gear.

I’ve already either written reviews or made videos on several aspects of the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig and accessories, which I use for LE missions. But because that rig was in black, I needed a placard in AOR2 for my Reserve work. We have very specific policy requirements on what we can use for placards on our carriers (specifically relating to what we have to be able to carry), so I had to go looking. I came across the RDR Gear Mission Specific Placard, and it was available in AOR2, so I went ahead and picked one up.


In contrast with the Spiritus, the MSP has three pockets – one main pouch, and two smaller front pouches. It is also slightly larger than the Spiritus:

  • Back measurements: 9.5″ w X 6″ h
  • Rear pocket: 9″ w X 6″ h X .75/1″ d
  • Front pockets: 4.5″ w X 4.5″w X 1″ d

The MSP comes with the placard, two removable front pocket flaps, one rifle insert (5.56, 7.62×51, or 7.62×39, your choice), and a pistol insert. It retails (right now) for $110.


5.56 and pistol accessories

The price point is very nice, especially for what you get. To get a Spiritus with the same accessories, you’d be spending around $167. They also seem to have a better stock, and they produce in more colors, especially AOR1 and AOR2. They have your standard solid colors, as well as M81 and four Multicam patterns. It seems well built, and if you have a specific need for two front pockets, it’s your only option that doesn’t require a divider. The rear pocket is set up with a hook and loop closure that allows it to be an admin pouch if needed.

Esstac KYWIs in the MSP

It accepts Wild Bill Tactical’s Esstac KYWI conversion, and it should accept most elastic accessories like those from Spiritus or mag pouches like those from Haley. It can also accept harnesses from other manufacturers, so there is a wide variety of accessories available. Because the pouches are bigger than the Spiritus, it can also likely accept larger accessories than the Spiritus, including fitting three 7.62×51 magazines in the rear pocket, as opposed to the Spiritus’ two.


One downside to the larger pockets is that some accessories sized, or similar in size, to the Spiritus will sit much differently in the MSP. For example, KYWIs, even the tall 5″ ones, will sit lower, and there will be a fabric lip past the lip of the KYWI. On the Spiritus they sit flush with the top.

The front pocket flaps do not have loop on the interior, which means that if you use them, any pockets you attempt to adhere will only partially adhere. You would try adhering them to the front of the pocket, but I feel they would be more stable attached to the rear, in general.

It doesn’t come with the female buckles you would need to attach the various straps for a harness. Thankfully, this is an easy fix at MilSpec Monkey. RDR does not sell a harness for the MSP, as it is intended as a placard, so you will need to purchase your own harness if you want to wear it as a chest rig.


I do believe that overall, the MSP is a solid piece of gear that will serve you well. But, as with any piece of gear, you need to understand it’s limitations when purchasing. Most of the negatives I mentioned are not a huge deal, although I do believe the lack of loop on the flaps was an entirely preventable issue.

MSP on an Eagle Industries Aero-MACR

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