Admin pouches: What are they and what goes in them?

I had a subscriber on my YouTube channel ask a few questions about admin pouches. Specifically, he was looking for loadout ideas. With the proliferation of various types of admin pouches out there today, I thought this would be a good time to write a post that will hopefully get you pointed in the right direction.

The Tactical Tailor Enhanced Admin Pouch is one example of a purpose-built admin pouch

What is an Admin Pouch?

An admin pouch is a utility pouch specifically tailored for carrying the various administrative items you might need to prosecute your mission. There is quite the spectrum of admin pouches out there today, from basic zipper pouches to purpose-built organizers. Somewhere in the middle of that spectrum is a basic utility pouch with either elastic or loop panels that allow for some internal organization. Realistically, any small to medium utility pouch can be an admin pouch, but if you have a need for a higher level of organization or specialty carriage, then you may want a purpose-built pouch.

What goes in an Admin Pouch?

I visualize this question like the State Farm advertisement: “What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?”

“Uh, khakis…”

Similarly: “What goes in an admin pouch, Joel?”

“Uh, admin stuff…”

Seriously, though, much like I can’t dictate your mission loadout for ammo or anything else, I can’t tell you exactly what you need in your admin pouch. But I can give you some ideas:

Need to navigate? This is where your map, protractor, pencils, and other tools go, such as a small GPS.

Need to communicate? This is where your quick reference materials go, such as call signs, frequencies, and pro words.

Need to be able to document a target? This is where you carry your note-taking materials. Maybe a small digital camera, as well.

Other items I’ve seen people carry in their admin pouches: spare CR123 batteries (or 2032 batteries for your low power variable optic) and multitools or flashlights. Cell phones used for navigation and communication can also be carried.

What to Avoid

Avoid the temptation to turn your admin pouch into a dumping ground for all the random items you may possibly need. The admin pouch should be used for key items that you will need to access quickly and repeatedly. If you keep batteries in your admin pouch, only keep 2-3 in the pouch and put the rest in a backpack. You don’t need 24 CR123s in your admin pouch. You also don’t need 15 pens, 6 pencils, a spiral notebook, a highlighter, and a Sharpie. It’s not your high school locker, it’s a pouch for essentials. Ask yourself: am I going to need to access this item during the mission? How frequently am I going to need to access this item? Is there a more appropriate or intuitive place to keep this item? If it is a key item that you will access frequently and doesn’t belong anywhere else, your admin pouch might be the right place for it.


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