Esstac KYWI conversion for Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig (Part 2)

About a month ago, I posted about converting Esstac KYWI inserts into inserts that could be used with your Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig. Based on comments I received on that post, I decided to do a follow-up post and video.

Esstac KYWI inserts with Wild Bill Tactical Adapter Kit

Comment 1: Inserts ordered directly from Esstac have hook on both sides

This is a big deal to me because it enhances the retention of the inserts in the Micro Fight. If you don’t already have a mag pouch to steal inserts out of, I would definitely order direct and get that extra retention. You can order them here for $7 each.

Comment 2: There is a company that makes a purpose-built conversion kit for the KYWIs

The company is called Wild Bill Tactical, and you can find them on Facebook, eBay, and their online store. If you are building an insert from the ground up, I would buy the KYWI inserts direct from Esstac and use this kit to set them up for your Micro Fight. It’s less than $10, and it’s scalable.

The video discussion


If you plan on stealing inserts out of a pouch you already own and converting them, I would use my method that I outlined earlier. If you plan on building from the ground up, I would use the Wild Bill kit and the double-hook-sided KYWI inserts. I think you’ll get better retention in the Spiritus and you’ll be better off in the long run.

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4 thoughts on “Esstac KYWI conversion for Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig (Part 2)

  1. The KYWI insert comes in three sizes,
    Short, Midlength & Tall
    Which size do I need to use in the Spiritus Micro Fight Chest Rig?

    1. For the back pouch, I would use the Tall (5”). For the front pouch, if you choose to use it, the Mid (4”) might sit more flush, but you could use the Tall in there as well.

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