Haley Strategic Triple Mag Insert in a Spiritus Mk4

I received a question the other day on the YouTube channel, asking if a Haley Strategic Triple Mag Insert will fit and function inside a Spiritus Mk4. The simple answer is no.

Fit? Yeah, technically. Function? Nope…

The slightly more complicated answer is a reminder that each of these systems are built around themselves. This means that Haley doesn’t build inserts to fit another company’s gear. If it happens to fit, that’s a bonus to the end user, but each company builds their own system that is only designed to be compatible with their own system.

Each micro rig has a slightly different pattern, including different measurements for the size of their pouches. We’ve profiled these before and you can find them here. The goal of that chart (which we’ll happily add to, if you want) is to help you make decisions on what might fit. We realize, though, that manufacturers don’t always post up the measurements of their accessories. This can make it really hard for buyers to know if they’ll fit, even if they know the measurements of the pouches themselves.

So that’s why we’re both answering the question and doing a little commercial. We’ll happily buy the gear and test it so that you don’t have to spend the money. But it gets really expensive, really fast. You can help us out by taking a look at our Patreon page and helping to offset the costs. And if you have ideas or gear you’d like us to test, you can shoot us an email at guntoter.official (at) gmail.com, or contact us on any of our social media accounts.

Thanks for reading and a preemptive thanks for supporting us!

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