V-XV Concepts XL Retention Kit: A Little Extra Hold for Bouncy Days…

As you well know, I’m a huge fan of plastic inserts, such as those from Esstac, for magazine retention in placards. I think they offer a lot of advantages over elastic inserts, especially when it comes to overall retention and manipulating the magazine in and out of the insert. Alone, they offer a significant amount of retention. But what about if you need a little extra retention for your job (for all you airplane, helo, and boat-bound types)?

Well, if you need extra retention, V-VX Concepts has you covered with their XL Retention Kit, which I purchased from 8492 Nylon Works.


So what is the XL Retention Kit? Well, it’s really pretty simple. It is two pieces of laminate with laser-cut holes and hook and loop. Also included are three nylon webbing pull tabs and three pieces of shock cord. Now, there are a few options. If you order direct from V-XV, you can add an extra pull tab and shock cord; or, if you order from 8492, you can add some S&S Precision pull tabs.

The XL Retention Kit mounted on an Esstac KYWI/8492 MWAK combo
Tension is adjusted with a simple knot on the back


The retention kit is both simple and versatile. Each side of the kit has twenty laser-cut holes, which allow you to add, position, and remove the retention tabs as necessary. Each side is also fully lined with hook on one side and loop on the other. It fits multiple insert sizes, including both the popular KYWI/MWAK combo and the Haley Strategic Micro 556 Triple insert. It adds minimal bulk between the insert and the placard doesn’t reduce the hold of the insert on the placard.

The kit on the Haley Strategic Micro 556 Insert
The kit inside a Haley D3CR Micro


So far, I haven’t found any obvious disadvantages to the Retention Kit. The one thing I am slightly concerned about is the long-term durability of the holes when subjected to the upward force of the shock cord. With that said, given the overall toughness of the laminate, I think I’ll be able to get more than my money’s worth out of this kit.


Overall, I think this is a solid addition to a placard or micro rig for those that need the extra retention. Its modularity make it easy to add or remove the entire kit, or just the necessary pieces, if your loadout changes. If your job calls for extra retention, or if you just want the option, take a solid look at this adaptable accessory from V-XV Concepts.

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