Soileater Tactical Radio Retention Tabs: Not Just for Radios…

A week ago, we talked about an excellent option for adding secondary retention to your placard or micro rig inserts. This week, I wanted to highlight another option, the Soileater Radio Retention Tabs. Now, just because they have the word “radio” in the name doesn’t mean that’s all they can do – they’ll make an excellent option for magazine retention as well.


These tabs are simple and really well-built. While not using the newer laminate materials, they’re built with tried and true materials that will take a beating. Each side of the tab is set up with hook on one side and loop on the other, so they will work with all of the common placards and micro rigs. The elastic bungee is adjustable to fit magazines, radios, or whatever other item you need to retain. Because these come in single form, they’re also a little easier to install if you already have your insert in the placard or micro rig. If you have a larger micro rig, such as the Wilde Custom, these might be a little easier to position for max retention as well, especially with the larger magazines like the AR-10 mags.

Radio Retention Tabs on a Haley Micro 556 Insert


The biggest disadvantage to this product is the cost. At $17 each, it will cost you $51 to retain three mags, as opposed to the V-XV kit, which will cost you $36. However, if you only need to retain a single item, such as a radio, you can save with this option.


While the price is definitely a little off-putting, as I mentioned above, there is still a place for this product. Whether using it to retain a single item, using it in a larger placard, or using it in a kit with dividers, this could fill your needs. It’s always good to have options, and that is exactly what the Soileater tabs provide.

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