Wilde Custom Gear Adaptive Chest Rig

Okay, last chest rig review for a while!

Today we’ll cover the Adaptive Chest Rig from Wilde Custom Gear. Of the chest rigs/placards we’ve covered so far, this is probably the most unique of the bunch for two primary reasons – it has a PALS front with only a rear pocket and it claims to be able to fit three 7.62×51 magazines. That’s a claim only one other customizable micro-type rig has made, to the best of my knowledge.


First off, this is probably the lowest profile of the rigs/placards I’ve reviewed. There are no exterior pockets, only the main pocket and a laser cut PALS front. I personally think this is an excellent idea for someone who either doesn’t need the additional pouches or needs very specific pouches for items that wouldn’t work as well in the stock pouches on the RDR, Beez, or Haley, or the open pouch of the Spiritus. The fact that it is laser cut from loop material also makes it useful for ID patches.

The Adaptive Chest Rig is nice and slim, but can be built up as needed with the PALS webbing on front.

It is certainly large enough to carry three AK mags, so that’s a bonus for my AK people out there. Using Esstac KYWIs and the 8492 Nylon Works adapter, it will also hold three 7.62×51 mags as well.

Easily fits three 7.62×51 mags

The X-harness that it ships with has PALS laser-cut into the shoulder straps, giving you more options for mounting gear, especially radio accessories.


There are only three possible negatives, and only one of them will really affect functionality. First, the pouch is a little shallower than other rigs, so the tall KYWIs will stick out a little, as you can see below. This won’t affect the KYWIs ability to stay in the pouch or the grip on the mags, but it might mess with your OCD a little. Second, it will obviously be wider when attached to a carrier, so it may hang over each side a little. Not a huge deal, but be aware, especially if you have a small carrier. Finally (and functionally), the waist strap is actually really small. I’m not a super husky guy, even if I could stand to lose a few, and I’ve got it about maxed out. Just be aware that unless you look good in skinny jeans and shirts from Baby Gap, the waist strap may give you some issues.

The tall KYWIs do protrude outside the pouch. If that messes with your OCD, consider the mids instead.


Despite the waist strap issue, I think the capabilities of this rig are worth a look. It never hurts to have a slightly more customizable option that also happens to hold AK and 7.62×51 mags while still remaining nice and slim. I should probably note that the 7.62 mag testing (both AK and .308) was conducted with the standard Esstac 7.62 KYWI, not with the 8492 Nylon custom KYWI. The larger 8492 version would not fit inside the main pouch in a 3x configuration, whereas the standard 7.62 KYWI would.

This will probably be my last chest rig review for a while, as I pursue more tech-related reviews. If you guys think I’ve missed a good rig, let me know and I can always revisit.

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