Status and Review Update June 2021

I just returned from 298 days overseas. All told, I’ve been gone from home for the last 11 months if you include the ramp-up prior to leaving. So, if you’ve been wondering why my posts were sporadic, or why my backgrounds sucked so much for the last little bit, that’s why. With that said, I’ve got all my gear on its way home and I’m setting up for some more projects.

Project #1: BAOFENG

One of my subscribers on YouTube requested some tests on remote speakers for the Boafeng series of radios. Since the radios are just popular in general (as evidenced by the plethora of YouTube videos about them), I plan on doing a series on various accessories, such as headsets, speakers, push-to-talks (PTTs), antennas and antenna relocation kits. I plan on starting with cheap Amazon versions, then moving up to higher quality gear such as Disco 32 and CAA Tail Antennas.

Project #2: Airsoft

I started getting into airsoft with my boys last year before I left. They enjoy the thrill of playing, and it’s a decent way to introduce them to the AR platform given the current expense of actually shooting and the local restrictions on ranges that I’m running into. I’m hoping to do a full series on selection of airsoft guns, setup, maintenance, and training drills, along with limitations, to really demonstrate what airsoft can bring to the table in fun and learning.

Project #3: Beez Combat Systems

I started looking at Beez Combat Systems last year when I went searching for radio pouches for my Baofeng UV-5R. I was impressed with their gear, so I have some more coming up for review. I’ve already published a blog post on their Sidewings system, and I’ll have a video coming soon, but I also have their new APTUM Micro X AK chest rig (a dedicated AK micro rig) and their APTUM plate carrier coming as well.

Project #4: More Micro Rigs

As I mentioned above, I have the Beez APTUM Micro X AK in hand, but I also have the Wilde Custom Adaptive Chest Rig, and I may grab the APTUM Micro X AR as well to review. Just want to make sure you are aware of the options out there. Let me know if you have any others you want to see!


Hopefully these projects sound interesting to you, because I know I’m looking forward to them. Drop me a line and let me know if there is anything specific you might want to see and I will definitely take a look and try to work it in if it’s possible.

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Thanks for reading!

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