Beez Combat Systems Sidewings

For those of you who have followed my blog and YouTube channel for a while, you know I love me some micro rigs. I’ve reviewed all three of the current major micros – including Spiritus Systems, RDR Gear, and Haley Strategic. But sometimes, micro rigs just don’t have the carrying capacity that you need. They are micro rigs, after all, not necessarily full chest rigs.

Enter the Beez Combat Systems Sidewings. Beez saw the need for extra capacity and the lack of support across multiple platforms and created their own line that has models for all of the major players, as well as their own micro rig – the APTUM Micro X. Their Sidewings offer the option of 2 or 3 columns of MOLLE on each side of the micro rig. This is perfect for adding a radio pouch, med pouch, or general purpose pouch. You could even add additional magazine pouches if you want.

Beez Combat Systems Sidewings H3 for the Haley Strategic D3CRM

The Sidewings are very simple in their design. They have a large loop section on the front sized for the particular micro rig and a fold over lip that helps hold the micro rig tight to the Sidewings.

On the back side of the Sidewings is a hook section that allows you to add a spacer pad, such as the one available from 8492 Nylon Works.

8492 Nylon Works Spacer Pad shown on an RDR-pattern Sidewing

Installation is easy. Simply attach the micro rig to the Sidewings using the rig’s hook, and fold the lip into the main pouch. The fold over lip has a loop section that prevents you from losing any of your interior real estate.

The loop on the lip keeps your interior real estate intact

You won’t need to install buckles, as the Sidewings come with female buckles sewn in.


I think the Sidewings are a big step up in capability for your micro style rigs. Everyone will differ, and your may not need additional load carriage, but if you do, and your micro rig fits any of the above footprints, Beez has you covered.

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