Specter Gear Baofeng UV-5R with Extended Battery Modular Pouch

Communications is key in any operation.  Fortunately, today there is a lot of interest in communications, as well as a lot of affordable options in that realm. Entire Facebook groups and internet forums exist to discuss radios and their uses. To me, this is awesome.

However, one thing that I haven’t seen a lot of discussion on is actually putting the gear on the kit and how/why it gets mounted. I’m not saying the discussion doesn’t occur at all, just that what I’ve seen is mostly people showing pictures of radios mounted, but with no background on what led them to mount in that way. With that said, I’d like to give my thoughts on some mounting options for the Baofeng UV-5R/F8HP.

Next up, we’re going to shift gears a little bit and talk about a very basic pouch from Specter Gear. This one doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the other pouches, but it’s a solid beginner pouch if you’re just picking up your first radio and need something to carry it in.

The bare-bones Specter Gear Modular Radio Pouch


First, this is a well-made pouch. While Specter Gear isn’t terribly well known, they’ve been around for at least 17 years. Back when I was first getting into gear and tactical vests were still cool, I had one of their M4 vests when they were CQB Solutions. They still have an obvious dedication to quality.

Throwback whatever-today-is: A CQB Solutions vest from 2003, along with some seriously sweet knee protection

Second, this is an inexpensive ($29.95), Made in USA pouch that is perfect for someone who just bought their radio and needs a place to hold it while they figure out what their long-term requirements are in a radio pouch.

Third, the mounting straps on the back can be removed, allowing you to choose to add MALICE clips, or even Esstac Belt Loops.


Because this is a bare-bones pouch, it doesn’t have a lot of the features that I like in a higher-end radio pouch. There is no tilt-out feature or secondary retention. You get a sleeve for your radio, and that’s it.


Yes, this pouch is the absolutely most basic pouch I could find. You might even wonder why I included it in my list. Quite simply, I included it because a lot of new radio owners don’t know what they need or want in a pouch yet, but they want to get out and use their radios. This is the perfect pouch for someone who is learning on their radio, or even someone who doesn’t need a tactical pouch, just a way to tote their radio.

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