Beez Combat Systems Medium Baofeng Radio Pouch

Communications is key in any operation.  Fortunately, today there is a lot of interest in communications, as well as a lot of affordable options in that realm. Entire Facebook groups and internet forums exist to discuss radios and their uses. To me, this is awesome.

However, one thing that I haven’t seen a lot of discussion on is actually putting the gear on the kit and how/why it gets mounted. I’m not saying the discussion doesn’t occur at all, just that what I’ve seen is mostly people showing pictures of radios mounted, but with no background on what led them to mount in that way. With that said, I’d like to give my thoughts on some mounting options for the Baofeng UV-5R/F8HP.

Up next in our series on pouches for the Baofeng UV-5R/BF-F8HP is the Medium Baofeng Radio Pouch from Beez Combat Systems. From the Beez website:

The Radio Pouch Baofeng/Pofung is 100% laser cut pouch with GRIDLOK attachment technology (MOLLE compatible).  The elastic bungee and pull tap does 2 things; acts as the primary way to secure the radio into the pouch and provides a pull tab to facilitate access to the radio. For Baofeng radios with extended battery pack.


100% laser cut GRIDLOK attachment technology (MOLLE compatible)

Holds Baofeng/Pofung radios with extended battery pack

Button window and port access

Mounts vertically on one channel of MOLLE

Models supported – UV-5X3,UV-5R, BF-F8HP, GT-3TP, GT-3WP, UV9RPlus

If you checked out our review on the Tactical Tailor Enhanced Baofeng Radio Pouch, you’ll find that this pouch has some significant differences. The biggest thing you’ll notice is that this is very much a minimalist pouch. It is constructed of a lightweight laminate and is essentially a “skin” for your Baofeng.


First, if you’re looking for a compact, lightweight pouch, this one is likely to fit the bill. It takes up only one channel of MOLLE, and has no excess material at all.

Second, this pouch has a secondary retention for the radio in the form of a bungee that wraps around the volume button and antenna. This is probably the feature I am most happy about, since it keeps your radio secure in the pouch, and the Baofeng isn’t known for its drop durability.

Third, the pouch has a limiting feature that prevents it from opening past 90 degrees. This is nice because if you need to go hands off to work with accessories or work with navigation gear, etc., the radio’s display will still be in a visible position.


Because this is such a minimalist pouch, there is very little protection from impact or from accidental activation of the buttons. The UV-5R side buttons do not lock out, which means it can need a little extra protection on the sides, and there isn’t any on this pouch.

Second, there is no protection for the keypad at all. The skin of the pouch only covers the exterior portion of the radio. I don’t really see this as a huge issue, but since some of the other pouches do have the feature, I feel it’s important to note here.


While this pouch is a radical departure from the design of the Tactical Tailor pouch, it’s good to have options. Despite the minimalist design, it’s a well-made pouch using the more advanced laminates that are becoming more popular. It’s slim and light, and at $29.95 it’s very affordable. If minimalist is what you’re looking for, give this pouch a serious look.

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