Warrior Trail Non-ballistic Training Plates

I’m sure many of you have ballistic plates as part of your preparedness gear. I’m also sure you probably spent good money on those plates, possibly as much as $1k or more, and you want to make sure they stay in good shape for when you need them.

If you’re like me, you might like to do physical fitness training or other training to test out your gear and make sure it’s arranged effectively, but still be a little wary about banging up your expensive plates.

Enter the Warrior Trail Training Plates. Warrior Trail makes ESAPI-sized front and back and ESBI plates that match the size and weight of small, medium, and large plates. Now, there are other companies making training plates, but from what I’ve researched, only a few actually make them in multiple sizes to fit your plate carrier. To me, that’s a big benefit.

As I said earlier, I use these for physical fitness training, which allows me to test my range of movement in my kit. I also use it for playing airsoft with my sons, which allows me to test my kit in more practical scenarios, like moving through doors at speed, as well as taking cover and shooting from a variety of different positions.

Important note, while the front and back plates come in multiple sizes, the side plates are 6×8″ only. If your side plate pockets only accommodate 6×6″ plates, these won’t work for you.


I’ve had my plates for over 5 years, and they’ve held up perfectly. For the price (around $170 for a set of large plates and $82 for ESBI), these are a great way to test yourself and your gear without banging up your expensive ceramic plates.

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