Wild Bill Tactical Spiritus Pouch Divider

I had some questions on my YouTube channel about a pouch divider for the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig from Wild Bill Tactical. While Spiritus Systems does make a pouch divider, they state on their site: “Compatible with the Spiritus Systems GP Pouch ONLY.”

I needed a divider for my front pouch, not the GP Pouch, so I went to Wild Bill and asked him to make me something specifically for the front pouch. As you can see below, the result was fantastic.

Not only does it provide the separation I wanted, his use of loop on the interior means that you really don’t have to give up space within the pouch. You can attach pouches all the way against the center stiffener to maximize your limited space.

The divider is 4 inches tall, which means it reaches from top to bottom in the front pouch, which measures 4.25″ in height in the interior, so it should keep all but the smallest items on their separate sides.

If you’ve been looking for a way to split your front pouch into separate pouches, reach out to Wild Bill. They’re a custom item, but at $15, it’s well worth the money!


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