So You’re a New Gun Owner? Introduction

One of the positive things to come out of this COVID-19 panic is that a lot of people who might have previously either been on the fence about gun ownership or maybe even anti-gun have realized that when it comes down to it, the government can’t protect them. They are responsible for their own protection. Gun sales are up in the last month, with some stores reporting they had sold their entire inventory. Unfortunately, along with this rise in gun ownership comes the closure of a lot of training venues (both ranges and classroom) due to concerns about COVID transmission.

With that in mind, I’m writing a few articles that will hopefully help any new gun owners out there with everything from basic safety to choosing ammo to basic manipulation.

In this very first article, though, I highly encourage you to read your firearm’s manual. If you bought it new, it should have come with one. If you bought it used, you should be able to go to the manufacturer’s website and download it for free. The manual will have specific information about your firearm, especially maintenance, that you need to know.

Once you’ve had a chance to look at your manual, head on back here, and hopefully we can learn together!

Choosing a Handgun

I Bought a Handgun. Now What?

Firearms Safety

Clearing Your Firearm

Ammunition Identification

Ammunition Components

Ammunition Malfunctions

Parts of a Semiautomatic Handgun

Parts of a Handgun Barrel

Semiautomatic Pistol Actions

Loading Your Firearm

I’m new to making and editing videos, so there will likely be some growing pains as we go. Also, I tend to focus on semiautomatic handguns, so if you have a question about a different type of gun, drop me a line and I’ll try to cover it.

Most importantly, this is about learning, so I hope will be useful for you. If you enjoy, give us a follow and a share. Social media really limits our ability to advertise, and organic shares always have the biggest impact. If you think I missed something or have a question, drop a comment below. Alternatively, you can contact me via my Facebook page, Google Hangout, or email at guntoter.official (at)

Thanks for reading!

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