Midwest Industries MLOK Mount for the Ruger PC Carbine

I really love the Ruger PC Carbine, but the stock model isn’t without its flaws. One of the biggest issues is the exceptionally poor excuse for a Picatinny rail on the handguard. For individuals who want to use the base model (Model 19100) for defensive purposes and want the ability to mount a light or other accessory, Midwest Industries has an aftermarket solution for you.

Midwest Industries’ MLOK Mount – a quick, inexpensive way to get MLOK slots on your stock PC Carbine

The Midwest Industries MLOK Mount (MI-PC9M) is the simplest, least expensive way to put an MLOK rail on your base model PC Carbine. It bolts onto the Picatinny rail on the forward handguard and provides two and a half MLOK slots on each side. The fit and finish of the mount is excellent and adds a capability that you simply can’t get with the standard stock.

The MI mount provides 2.5 MLOK slots on each side to give you lots of mounting options

There are two things you need to be aware of with this mount: 1) I had some wobble in the mating between the plastic Ruger handguard and the Midwest mount, even with the screw tightened all the way down, and 2) you may need to be careful what flashlight mount you choose, as the metal around the MLOK slots is a little wider than an AR-15 handguard.

I emailed Midwest about issue number one and never received a reply back. It’s honestly not that big of a deal, since you probably won’t be mounting any aiming devices on here, but if you have a touch of the OCD like I do, it will likely annoy you.

The molded Picatinny rail isn’t quite to spec and may contribute to the wobble I found in the mount

Issue number two may or may not affect your planned use. If you put a Picatinny section or a straight mount for your flashlight, it probably won’t be a big deal. However, if you use an offset mount like the Arisaka, the width of the metal above the MLOK slot may not allow it to mount properly. It’s not a big deal for me in terms of functionality, but it did require me to buy another mount to put my flashlight on.

Arisaka/Malkoff Devices Scout light mounted to the MI mount

The mount doesn’t come with a QD socket for a sling, but with two and a half MLOK slots, it wouldn’t be hard to mount one.


Retailing for $54.95, less than a third of the cost of a replacement handguard with MLOK capabilities, the Midwest MLOK Mount is a simple, inexpensive way to add MLOK capability to your base model rifle. If you buy the rifle with the sole intent of using it for self-defense, then I would probably start off with a factory model with the MLOK handguard. But, if you already have a base model as a plinker and just want to throw a light on it to upgrade it, this is an excellent option.

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