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Today I’d like to spotlight a local gear manufacturer – Priority 1 Holsters of Moyock, North Carolina. For those of you that have shot at local matches in the Hampton Roads area, there’s a good chance you’ve run into Chad, the owner. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chad for several years, long enough that some of my guns were his original photography models back when he was still bending thermoplastics around chopped up blue guns. Today, Chad builds his holsters using state of the art CNC – both for his molds and for initial rough cuts of the Boltaron prior to bending.

Photo Dec 30, 12 29 32
My Glock 43X in a Priority 1 Holsters PCHS

I’ve primarily used his inside the waistband (IWB) holsters, such as his Plain Clothes Holster System Modular IWB. I’m a big fan of modular designs because I believe they offer the most options to the carrier. Chad has taken the time to research really solid options to go along with his well-crafted holster, such as Raven Concealment wings and Phantom Tuckable Overhooks.

Photo Dec 30, 12 30 10
The edges are nicely finished and the retention is adjustable

As you can see from the photos, Chad takes pride in the fit and finish of his holsters. Edges are nicely rounded and his CNC molds provide excellent retention. Nothing too crazy going on here – just solid craftsmanship. For this model, he offers four basic colors at the standard price and three additional colors for an extra charge. The holsters come standard with basic clips for either 1.5″ or 1.75″ belts. You can add the concealment wings, soft loops, or Raven belt clips as accessories for an additional charge. As of this writing, he offers this holster for 64 different weapons configurations, including Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0/Bodyguard/Shield, Sig Sauer P320/P365, Glock 17/22/19/19X/23/26/27/43/43X, CZ P10, as well as Streamlight and Surefire lights. I may have missed a few, but you get the idea – if it’s one of today’s popular carry guns, he probably has a holster to fit.

The details direct from his site:

Our Plain Clothes Holster System (PCHS) is our most modular holster available. Designed to optimize your concealed carry experience with a multitude of attachments, ride heights and add-ons to find the best solution to your comfort and concealment problems.

Each PCHS Features:

– Adjustable Cant, either 0 or 15 Degree’s

– Adjustable Retention

– Full Sweat Guard to keep the rear sight off your body

– Optional Concealment wing to help rotate the grip in towards your body, resulting in less printing and more stability (+$10)

– Multiple Mounting Options

– Traditional IWB Clip (Included)

– Mil-spec Soft Loops (Add-On)

– Two Tuckable Clips (Add-On)

– Adjustable Ride Height when using tuck-able belt attachments

– Open Muzzle to accept most threaded barrels and compensators

– Support for aftermarket sights, including tall suppressor height sights

– Molded and Trimmed Optic /  RMR Channel to accommodate a variety of slide mounted optics (Except on G26 TLR6, G27 TLR6, G33 TLR6, G43 and M&P Shield)

– Precision formed from .080 Boltaron

– Precision Trimmed and drilled by CNC

– Individually hand finished, assembled, test fit and inspected.

Photo Dec 30, 12 29 48
Reverse side showing the sweat guard

I can attest that he takes great pride in his work, plus it’s always great to get to support a local business. If you’re looking for a new holster, maybe with some of that Christmas money, head over to his site. You can order one of the specific holsters I discussed for $49.95 here. Or, you can pick up the lefty version here.

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