Updates from 8492 Nylon Works Co

Those of you that have followed me from the start know that I am a huge fan of 8492 Nylon Works Co. I love using Esstac KYWIs in my micro rigs, and 8492 has been producing an adapter kit for several years. If you also enjoy their gear, they have some new updates that you’ll want to hear about:

KYWI Adapter Kit V2

While the changes are subtle, they are important. First, 8492 lengthened the one-wrap strips, allowing the adapters to fit a wider variety of magazine types. Previous versions sometimes had an issue with getting a solid hold on the KYWI hook with thicker mags like 7.62 or subguns. This problem is now solved.

KYWI Adapter Kit V1.5 (top) versus V2 (bottom). V2 has a stiffener and is .75″ longer.

Second, the centerpiece of the strips now have HDPE to stiffen them and keep them from collapsing. While I’ve never personally had a big problem with my KYWIs collapsing (due to their design), this is just an extra bit of insurance to make sure you can reinsert your mags. If that’s your thing…

7.62 KYWI Inserts

8492 worked with Esstac to bring specialized 7.62 inserts to market. These are wider than standard Esstac 7.62 inserts and the hook has been placed horizontally on the insert rather than vertically. When coupled with the V2 adapter, this ensures that the adapter gets a good grip on the insert.

7.62 Esstac KYWI (top) versus 8492 KYWI (bottom). Note the change in hook orientation and the .75″ wider body.

The downside is that these inserts are really designed primarily for the AR-10 style mags and are only available in a mid height (4.25″ tall). To me, that hurts AK guys, because the length of the AK mag really needs the taller 5.25″ KYWI. But, at the same time, the wider body fits AK mags much better without the locking lug catching on insertion or withdrawal.


I think both of these updates are great additions to already excellent products. Take some time to check them out and browse around their site and see what they can do for you! If you enjoyed this article, give us a follow and a share. Social media really limits our ability to advertise, and organic shares always have the biggest impact. If you think I missed something or have a question, drop a comment below. Alternatively, you can contact me via my Facebook page, Google Hangout, or email at guntoter.official (at) gmail.com. We also have a Patreon page where you can help offset some of the expenses that we incur buying gear to review.

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